Weld's wishlist === hi! here are some things we'd like to get ourselves. they're roughly ordered by some kind of priority but it depends really. this was made as an alternative to having an amazon wishlist for a couple of reasons, including that we'd rather avoid amazon when possible. so, the idea is: attach a message to a donation-y type thing via [paypal](http://paypal.me/fidgetcetera)/[cashapp](http://cash.app/$fidgetcetera) that says "WL" so we know it's for our wishlist. you can include a number if you want us to get something particular. there's some rough prices here, it's all estimates though. 1. custom fitted fangs (liiike $100) 2. more patches and stickers (an eternal entry with no specific price tbh) 3. new NVME laptop SSD ($150) also have: - [our steam wishlist](https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/id/fidgetcetera/#sort=order) - [our bandcamp wishlist](https://bandcamp.com/fidgetcetera/wishlist) (if something is listed as pay what you want, we wishlisted it so that when we can afford to, we'll go back and give money to good artists)