# Acey's Internet To-Dos - [x] make a to-do list that's easy to update in the future - [ ] do more accessibilty checking on http://acey.eerie.garden! (this is always an ongoing task) - [ ] work on [thigh highs for flarum](https://github.com/Fidgetcetera/thigh-highs/) (it has its own todo listy type things now) - [x] [make a site for our art](http://acey.eerie.garden/art)! - [x] pick a static site generator (-sigh- it's jekyll again) - [x] arrange all the images and metadata first - [x] THEN worry about themeing it pretty and gay - [ ] upload music to archive.org and then tell people to tip us on paypal instead because bandcamp takes a cut for no real good reason - [x] update patreon - [ ] and eerie garden to be clear abt the running costs!